General Improvements and Smooth Turn Speed

Hi there,

Thank you so much for all your support! We’re excited about the feedback we received from you! We’re working hard to improve UNBINARY more and more.

This update features improvements including interface language, improved box interactions, puzzle adjustments, and a fix for masks issues.

Patch notes:

  • Adjustment of SFX.
  • Fixed the z-fighting issues on the menu.
  • Improvement of the menu interface.
  • Improvement of the physics on the keys.
  • Improvement in the boxes fit system.
  • Improvement on the voice-over sync.
  • Fixed an issue on The Best We Can Be – 3, where the platform was too high.
  • Adjustment of the smooth turn speed.
  • Small tweaks and fixes.


We hope these updates will improve your gameplay experience in UNBINARY.

Let us know in case you encounter any issues.

Official Discord server:

Thanks for playing UNBINARY and see you next time!