Locomotion Fixes and Smooth Turn Option

Webby and the entire Ludact team are very excited with the reception UNBINARY is getting from all of you!

With the official launch of the game, we were very grateful to receive a lot of feedback, and today we announce the releasing of our first official update!

Patch notes:

  • Addition of the Smooth Turn option, accessible in the game menu.
  • Fixed locomotion issues that generated small freezes during gameplay.


One of the main points was that some players were suffering from locomotion issues during gameplay. As this is a problem that directly influences the player’s experience, we decided to prioritize solving this specific problem in this update, and gladly we can report that the issue has been fixed.

And, in response to requests, we have also added a smooth turn option; it will be accessible through the game menu.

We would like to apologize to all players who have been affected by this in-game inconvenience and we hope your gaming experience becomes much more enjoyable now after this update!

At last, we invite everyone to join our Discord server! There you can have a good conversation, share your game experience, stay tuned for future updates, and make some new friends! 

Official Discord server: https://discord.gg/WEyT2pk3Kh

Thank you all and see you in the next post!